Will Soft Washing Harm My Pets?

Horizon Exterior Cleaning founder and owner Josh Ensing is a pet person, so he knows an important question on his customers’ minds. “Is soft washing safe for pets?”

“I have a dog,” Ensign said. “I’ve had a couple dogs. The process is safe for your pets.”

The cleaners Horizon uses are safe, biodegradable. However, during the process, Ensing promotes caution.

“While they’re in their active state, we do take caution and ask that people take their animals and pets inside, away from the cleaners.”

Once the cleaners finish, and the cleaning solutions dilute enough, the whole property is considered safe and sanitized.

“If we’re doing something like a roof clean, we instruct those customers to play it safe and keep their pets and animals inside for as much as three hours after the process is done.”

After that time, Ensing said, there is no issue. The cleaning solution breaks down into salt and you’re good to go.

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